Bernie and Howel Retire!

Bernie and Howel

Bernie and Howel

At the end of the Autumn Term 2009, we bid a sad farewell to Bernie Henderson and Howel Davies as they both retired from their posts with the City and County of Swansea.

Both Bernie and Howel started their careers in the world of ICT when they joined the Baglan IT Centre from its inception! Later, they both moved with colleagues to form the Swansea ICT Curriculum Service. More recently, Bernie has been acting as the interim Adviser for ICT as well as fulfilling his SEN and ICT role.

Bernie and Howel will be sorely missed by their colleagues, teachers and, most importantly, children. They have played major roles in the development of ICT, both locally and nationally!

The remaining members of the ICT Curriculum Team would like to thank eveyone who contributed to a leaving gift for Bernie and Howel. They were presented with Garmin SatNav systems – so we hope that they will navigate back to Bryn Tawe now and again to say hello!


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