Schools.ik no longer free!

Schools.ik charging for hosting websites

In an email sent yesterday from Recipero, the parent company of Schools.IK, it was stated that they will no longer be providing free website creation and hosting services for schools. Moreover, schools that currently have a website on their service will be required to pay an annual charge of £75 per annum from September 2010. Schools who currently pay for, or would like to move to the premium service and upgrade before June 12th 2010 will only be required to pay £50 (which would revert to £75 the following year).

Schools who would  rather not pay for their website hosting will be delighted to hear that every Primary school in Swansea will be provided with a public website by the end of this term. This website will be an element of the City and County of Swansea’s Portal Development for all schools. Please continue to check this blog and the Learn-ICT website for further news and information.


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