Promethean ACTIVInspire Upgrade

Promethean ACTIVInspire

Promethean ACTIVInspire

Swansea Learning Technology Support (SLTS) has produced a briefing note for users of Promethean Interactive Whiteboards  upgrading to ACTIVInspire software from ACTIVStudio. Promethean have confirmed that any school wishing to upgrade from ACTIVPrimary or ACTIVStudio version 3  to ACTIVInspire before 30th September 2011 will be able to do so at no cost to the school.

After 30th September 2010, Promethean will charge for any upgrades from ActivPrimary or ActivStudio versions 1 and 2 although it is unclear what those charges might be at the time of writing. Also, Promethean will no longer support versions 1 and 2 of their software after this date.

Read the full Briefing Note about the upgrading procedure on the SLTS Website.


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