Swansea Schools – Your new home page!

Changes to your browser home pageFrom Wednesday 16th October, when you log onto your computer and fire up your internet browser, you will find that your home page is now your public facing website on Swansea’s Portal for Learning. The reasoning behind this is contained in a Briefing Note sent to all schools on the 2nd October following requests from schools. It means that by logging onto your school computer you will also automatically be logged onto the Learning Portal without having to re-enter a user name and password. However, you will be required to enter your details again if you access ‘My Drive’ whilst in school.

So that you don’t forget Learn-ICT for your curriculum support for ICT, there will be clear links to our site and also Google if you used these as your default home pages. Should you not wish to have your current default home page changed, the briefing note states:

“Schools are able to opt-out of making the Portal for Learning their homepage (by raising an RFC) but are reminded of the need to check the Portal regularly for important service updates and procurement documentation.”


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