Learn ICT Redesigned

Learn ICT RedesignedThe Learn-ICT website has had a face lift and gone on a bit of a diet! The site has been redesigned to fit in with more modern standards of HTML5 and CSS3 and, based on site analysis data, those areas which were not being used or were seriously out of date have been removed.

As well as a redesign, the curriculum links area has been checked for dead links and had a host of new sites added. New to this area are links to useful sites to support schools wanting to introduce coding into the curriculum. You can find these links in the ICT section. Those of you who would like to learn Chinese will also find a range of useful links in the Modern Languages area!

Another area which has sees a more radical overhaul is the Animation area! This was required as the original pages were heavily Flash based. I have experimented with using the Bootstrap responsive framework which allows the design to change based on the platform viewing it. Also, the animations are now streamed from our YouTube site. Please take some time to look at it and give me your feedback.

If you have linked to any areas of the old site please check that your links  still work. If you used sections of the old site which have now been removed, please get in touch with John Mills with the details.

We hope you like the new design of the site. Please take time to explore it and provide us with your feedback.


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