Kodu, now available in Welsh!

KODU in WelshFor the past 6 months, students at Ysgol Gyfun Bro Morgannwg in the Vale of Glamorgan , have been producing the localization files needed to have Kodu in Welsh. This is a massive achievement, as their work is available to anybody, anywhere in the world who downloads the latest version of Kodu – www.kodugamelab.com Well Done to them.

Every copy of Kodu has a series of localisation files that sit in the main Kodu program folder. Navigate to >Microsoft Research>Kodu game lab>Content>xml>localizable , there you will find 16 other folders which will allow you to localize Kodu into languages such as French and Romanian; the welsh folder is CY, for Cymru. Create a shortcut on your desktop using the following properties:

“C:\your main folder\Microsoft Research\Kodu Game Lab\Boku.exe” /localization CY

You can change the CY to any other folder depending on the language you want to play in Kodu in , FR for example will convert Kodu into French, Très bien !


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