Online Safety in Wales – A National Survey

Online Safety in WalesThe Welsh Government in partnership with Plymouth University, South West Grid for Learning and ProMo-Cymru are looking to capture your views and experiences with your digital life and online safety. The results will contribute to a national report that will be published and help improve online safety across Wales.

Taking part is simple whether you’re a young person, parent or those working with children – we’re after your views, perceptions and experiences.

Mae Llywodraeth Cymru, mewn partneriaeth â Phrifysgol Plymouth, South West Grid for Learning a ProMo-Cymru eisiau casglu eich barn a’ch profiadau chi am eich bywyd digidol a diogelwch ar-lein. Bydd y canlyniadau yn cyfrannu at adroddiad cenedlaethol fydd yn cael ei gyhoeddi ac yn helpu gwella diogelwch ar-lein ledled Cymru.

Mae cymryd rhan yn syml, pa un ai ydych chi’n berson ifanc, yn rhiant neu’n gweithio gyda phlant a phobl ifanc – rydym eisiau gwybod eich barn, canfyddiadau a phrofiadau.

Access the survey here.


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