Games based learning – Free (if you’re quick)

skoolboSkoolbo is the largest educational game that has ever been made! More than 100,000 development hours have gone into the program and every aspect is designed to maximise learning for both developed and developing countries. Skoolbo adapts to each child and there are numerous tools to assist differentiation.

Children are immersed in a virtual learning world where they are motivated by the inbuilt rewards mechanisms to build their abilities. Teachers and parents are also equipped with an array of tools to help them support their children to achieve wonderful educational outcomes. In the base of Skoolbo lies its Spiral Learning Algorithm, designed to give every child the optimal curriculum regardless of his or her actual age. It starts by pre-testing the child in both literacy and numeracy and then continues to reassess after each game. An ideal blend of new content; not yet mastered content; and revision content is served to each child.

Skoolbo is already used by over a million children in more than 150 countries and we are delighted to announce the launch of the specially developed English, Northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish versions.

If your school registers before the 30 June 2014 then you will be granted a “FOREVER FREE” licence and you will never to have pay Skoolbo a penny! It takes 10 seconds to register. or call Skoolbo on 0208 319 5918


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