Learning in Digital Wales – Hwb+ Update

Hwb+The Minister for Education and Skills, Huw Lewis AM, has confirmed Welsh Government’s commitment to Hwb+ (the all-Wales learning platform) until August 2018. This news will be welcomed by education stakeholders across Wales as it gives assurances regarding the provision of the all-Wales learning platform for a further 3 academic years (until the end of academic year 2017/18).

In addition,Welsh Government will be developing a centrally funded Hwb+ Centres of Excellence Programme. The main focus of these centres will be to provide other school, local authority and regional education consortia staff with the opportunity to see how the adoption of the Hwb+ learning platform and the wide range of digital tools offered through the wider Learning in Digital Wales Programme, has made a positive difference to teaching and learning within a school setting. Further information on this programme will be released shortly.

Finally, Welsh Government has secured agreement to work with the current supplier of Hwb+ to implement various stakeholder identified enhancements. These enhancements focus on the current user provisioning tool and further development of the Office 365 platform.

Welsh Government aims to release a full Learning in Digital Wales roadmap which will cover the remainder of this academic year early in January 2015.


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