Swansea’s Hwb+ Centres of Excellence!

hwb_excellenceWe would like to offer our congratulations to Brynmill Primary School and it’s Hwb partner Terrace Road Primary School and Gowerton Comprehensive School along with the North Gower Partnership of schools on their success of achieving Hwb+ Centre of Excellence status!

Over 50 applications were received from a range of schools across Wales to become Hwb+ Centres of Excellence. The applications were of a high quality and assessors had to look closely at how each proposal evidenced the strict criteria that was set out in the published guidance.

Successful proposals demonstrated:

  • a strong understanding of the wider Learning in Digital Wales (LiDW) Programme and how this programme is impacting on learners;
  • how professional learning opportunities would be established across regional consortia to develop the use of Hwb+; and
  • detailed plans of how the funding will be used to support the development of the Hwb+ Centre of Excellence.

Follow this link to discover all the schools from around Wales who have also been awarded Hwb+ Centre of Excellence status: https://hwb.wales.gov.uk/News#article/3d09af0d-8475-4b96-84b2-461949add8f7


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