No official announcement, but JIT5 is here!

jit5Whilst using j2e (Just2Easy) in Hwb+ today, I noticed on the top toolbar that a link to jit5 had suddenly appeared! I fired up my iPad, logged into Hwb+ and clicked on the Just2easy link. And there it was… jit5 in the top toolbar, but not as one of the large buttons in J2Launch.

I selected the jit5 button and I was using all those lovely infant tools on my iPad. I should point out that mix (where you can write and paint in the same window) doesn’t appear to be working yet, but everything else appears to work well.

I looked around the internet to see if there had been any announcements that I had missed, but couldn’t find a trace! Nothing on the Just2easy website, nothing on Hwb or Hwb+. So perhaps I’m the first to announce that jit5 is now available for the iPad! What are you waiting for?


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