j2launch makeover and JIT5 for your iPad!

Ij2e_updatedn case you haven’t signed into Hwb recently, you may have missed the latest update to j2launch from Just2Easy which has had a total makeover with newly designed, fresh looking icons. The same is true if you’ve downloaded or updated the j2launch App from iTunes or headed to http://www.j2e.com/launch via your browser.

But what is really exciting is that JIT5, the Just2Easy Infant Toolkit, is now fully compatible with the Apple iPad! JIT5 is a collection of 7 online tools allowing pupils to write, paint, animate, explore initial concepts of direction using the Turtle tool and begin handling data with the Chart and Pictogram tools.

Don’t forget that just like j2e, all the pupils’ work can be stored in the cloud and then safely blogged to the school’s j2webby site. Why not sign in and try it today?

Quick tip: if you know your Hwb sign in details, you can go directly to http://www.j2e.com/launch and select the large, red Hwb icon to sign in.


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