Hwb User E-survey Questionnaire

hwb_user_surveyWe want to find out your views of the Hwb website and of the Hwb learning and teaching resources. Please complete this survey if you are a learner, teacher, school manager, local authority or regional education consortium representative, parent or governor who has used the Hwb.wales.gov.uk website or the digital tools and resources it provides access to including Hwb+.

The survey is being administered by the external research company ICF Consulting Ltd who have been commissioned by the Welsh Government to undertake an independent evaluation of the Learning in Digital Wales programme.

Your contribution is a very important element of our evaluation. Your views are critical in informing our assessment of the programme to date. It will help shape our recommendations about what the Welsh Government and other stakeholders such as local authorities and regional education consortia should do to support teachers and schools in making the best use of digital technologies for school organisation and learning.

The survey will take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

Your responses will be treated confidentially and anonymously. You will not be named or identified in any way.
Please submit your response as soon as possible but no later than 25th October.

Please be assured that this evaluation is not an assessment of your activities or of your school’s performance. We want to understand why you do or do not use digital technologies such as Hwb and Hwb+ and what factors influence these.

If you have any questions about the survey or the research, you can contact Stephanie Charalambous, the project manager at ICF at steph.charalambous@icfi.com or on 020 3096 4815 or David Roberts the research manager at the Welsh Government at david.roberts@wales.gsi.gov.uk or 0300 062 5485.

We greatly appreciate your involvement in this research project and thank you for your cooperation.

Link to the Survey: https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=143877163568


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