Hwb Playlists – New Features

hwb_playlistNew features have been released on Hwb today. Users who are members of the Hwb Community will now be able to make use of following exciting tools:

Playlists that include questions can now be assigned to learners. Learners can access the assignment on any internet connected device and once completed, gain immediate feedback on their work. Teachers see a real-time mark book with details of each learner’s marks and answers as they are completed;

Hwb assignment status. Teachers can now start, pause and close assignments for learners as well as collect scores for those users who may not have completed the assignment by the deadline – all controlled via the new assignment dashboard area;

Custom marking schemes. When creating an assignment, teachers now have the ability to create their own custom mark schemes;

Copy playlists. This new feature allows teachers to create differentiated versions of their playlists for different groups of learners as required;

Teacher ‘Handle’. Teachers can now choose their own ‘friendly’ name for use in their assignment URLs.

To access these features, log in to Hwb and join the Hwb Community. Click here to find out more about how to join the Hwb Community.


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