Adventures with J2E – Managing Users

j2_dashboardThere have been some changes lately to the way users are added to classes in j2e. Although I haven’t had any information directly from Just2Easy, I have been looking at the recent changes to the j2e dashboard and offer the following observations.

Go to the j2e dashboard for your school, select the classes icon and you should see your school’s classes (if you don’t, create them now by clicking the ‘+‘ button). Be aware that your pupils (and staff) will not appear in ‘manage users’ until they’ve logged into Hwb and gone into j2e.

Classes should appear as green folders  with the class name appearing in the next column. The users column shows how many pupils and staff in that class have created files. And now comes the first change! The rightmost column contains pulldown arrows which open up the table row displaying the users in that class and buttons allowing you to add users, join the class and rename the class.

Another change is the ability to create groups of pupils/staff users so that although a pupil belongs to one class, that pupil can belong to several groups (e.g. MAT, SEN or any group you’d like to make!). Groups are distinguished from classes by being represented as purple coloured folders. Again, clicking the pulldown arrow on a group opens the row showing who’s in the group with buttons to add users, join the group and rename the group, you’ll also find an extra button allowing you to remove someone from the group.

As I said earlier, these are just my observations so I’m hoping that someone will either confirm the above or tell me where I’ve gone wrong!


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