DCF questionnaire and supporting information


dcf_announceDigital competence is the set of knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable the confident, creative and critical use of technologies and systems. It is essential for children and young people, if they are to be informed, capable and have the potential to be successful in today’s society.

The Digital Competence Framework (DCF) has been designed to encapsulate the skills that will help learners thrive in an increasingly digital world. It will improve digital competence by helping embed digital skills across the curriculum. They will be required to apply digital skills to a wide range of scenarios that can be transferred to the world of work.

The DCF has been developed by practitioners from Digital Pioneer Schools, drawing on research, including consideration of existing regional and international digital frameworks. It has been designed to be a useful tool for schools and other settings to develop learners’ digital skills and to facilitate and strengthen learning across the curriculum.

The DCF is still in draft and we need your views to make sure the content is appropriate and clearly expressed. Your responses and a further review by the Digital Quality Assurance Group chaired by Professor Tom Crick will be taken into account by Digital Pioneer Schools in refining the DCF.

Consultation period: 13/6/2016 – 4/7/2016



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