Swansea Schools – Hwb Office365 Project Timeline

hwb_cloudSummer Term 2016 

During summer term 2016, Swansea LA will move all data contained in individual Swansea Edunet curriculum email accounts to individual Hwbmail accounts.

School admin accounts will move to Hwbmail by August 2017.

 From September 2016

 All curriculum email communication will be conducted through Hwb Office 365.

From September 2016, Hwbmail accounts in Swansea will look like this:


Staff are encouraged to use their individual Hwb Office 365 accounts to store all digital learning resources, and that portable USB devices/storage drives are not used for this purpose.

 By September 2017 

Swansea LA will move all centrally-stored, curriculum resources to new individual Hwb Office 365, whole-school storage spaces.

Leading up to September 2017, staff are encouraged to undertake basic housekeeping of current stored content to prevent redundant items from being moved to Hwb Office 365.

 From September 2017

Primary schools will not be able to save any work to the ‘T’ Drive or retrieve content from central storage.

Swansea LA will no longer backup any curriculum data held locally or centrally.


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