What happens on the internet every minute? The 2016 version

internetminute2016“In an Internet minute a lot of powerful things can happen. Things are also changing. Netflix was added to the circle. Streaming movies is making way for new technologies as we said goodbye to the VHS player this year. Soon our students will not know what a VHS tape is. Show them a floppy disk and see what they think it is! Tinder was also added showing the power of people connecting and meeting. Of course Uber is starting to trend in the things that happen on the Internet in a minute. This shows how much has changed in a few years. Imagine what will be in 2018? Maybe one of your students will create something we can do on the Internet in a minute. I would swipe right to that!”

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SID 2013: Safer Internet Day

SID 2013

Safer Internet Day: 5th February, 2013

The Insafe network is pleased to announce that the theme for the 10th Safer Internet Day will be online rights and responsibilities. The campaign will take place worldwide on Tuesday 5 February 2013. As in previous years, members of the public, schools, NGOs, industry and other stakeholders are all invited to take part.

Continuing on from the success of the 2012 campaign, the Insafe network is working on a second SID kit for schools that will mark this anniversary edition of the campaign. As in previous years, the Insafe network will also release, later this year, a campaign video specific to the 2013 theme along with other resources.

Visit the Safer Internet Day Website.